Core Blast

Muscle Groups

Upper & Mid Abdominals | Obliques | Transverse Abdominals | Serratus

Core strength is the foundation of successful strength training and leads to developing success in sporting activities. Whether you are an endurance or strength athlete or a ball player. It’s important to target and fire the core muscles in the correct sequence and make sure that this area functions properly. Ben has years of experience coaching core exercises and has studied anatomy and developed effective cueing methods. Originally studying with Paul Chek who has produced some great education courses on this theme.

Features of Core Blast
  • Core Assessment
  • Stabilisation Techniques
  • Transverse Abdominal Development
  • Oblique Engagement
  • Lower Back Balance
  • Diet Review & Implementation
  • Variety of Exercises
Raw Strength

Raw Strength

Ben Mann Training
  • Bespoke Strength Equipment
  • Nutritional Plan
  • Supplement Advice

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