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Detox & Revive

10 week training programme

We can easily slip into months of socialising and drinking, excess caffeine, late nights and poor diet. This can leave our bodies feeling low on energy, tired and lacking in physical and motivation. Learn to use exercises to improve your energy levels with techniques taken from restorative regimes like Yoga and Tai Chi.

Low energy, feeling tired?..then you need Detox & Revive
Features of Detox & Revive
  • Initial Consultation
  • 10 Elite Personal Training Sessions
  • Holistic exercises individually tailored to restore energy levels combined with a smart personalised
    nutrition plan for detoxification.
  • Ongoing nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • Optional services: Blood chemistry analysis add on & supplements plan
Reshape & Recondition

Reshape & Recondition

Ben Mann Training
  • Progressive flexibility
  • Bespoke session structures
  • Nutritional advice

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